Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nokia did the Same Mistake!

Nokia did the same mistake what Sir Henry Ford did once… (by making all ford cars in black colours, even after getting customer feedback for different colour preference). He said that “If people wants to buy a car, they will have to buy a Ford Car and i will keep on producing the same in black colour only.” – sources
And we all know, WHAT HAPPENED NEXT… various competitors in car manufacturing industry emerged from different parts of the world and they took customer preferences on-hand and made their mark in the market, which is existing even today. Being a pioneer in your industry is not a matter of proud or forcing your ideas… but its a responsibility of adapting the change in consumer preferences quickly and re-inventing the same.
And the way Microsoft is behaving in the consumer market… let me make a prophecy that, they also won’t be able to take this for long, or rather should i say… customers won’t b able to take Microsoft for long.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Till date… BMW India has been successful in positioning itself into a premium luxury car brand. A car  which every person wishes to drive. But the question is by what age in your life would you be able to drive your own BMW??? The latest BMW advt. is an attack on this very question… 

The priority list plays a very significant role in the Indian consumer psychology. Even though during young age if a person dreams to drive his/her own BMW, his journey towards achieving one has to go through lots of hurdles of fulfilling various small and big social and personal responsibilities. And because of all these, his dream of owning and getting the JOY of Driving BMW left behind somewhere or left upon the time as it comes.

But now, BMW is emphasising to reorganise your priority list and putting the JOY of Driving a BMW much before. Hence, DON'T POSTPONE JOY.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

CATCH THEM YOUNG!!! - McDonald's

The new Mc Donald's commercial of Girlfriend - Boyfriend (featuring two kids) is a great example of a  very famous saying in consumer market which is "CATCH THEM YOUNG!".

Through the commercial, the brand has tried to reach to the psychology of today's children who are actually getting to know the meaning of the words like 'Girlfriend / Boyfriend' much faster, then what it was in earlier time.

Although the brand has gone a step ahead in showing the male and female psychology through kids, by showing the boy asking the girl if she is demanding, and checks if he has that much money to get her that Mc Aloo Tikki burger.

In short, its sweet and right to the point add commercial……..!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It is a very known fact that a normal human brain works on a power of 15 watts. Hence, it is biologically not capable to notice those changes which are made in a flash of a time or just made on an unimportant base. In psychological terms we call it "Change Blindness", and here is where, the Brand Makers play their game.

Yes it might seems to you that your favorite brand/product is same and unaltered for last so many years, but you will be surprised to know that lot many things into it have been removed/added and altered.

But the brand will play with your "so called 15 watts powered brain" and will project the product packaging in such a manner that your brain will not be able to notice those changes. 


Friday, August 2, 2013

Its not always necessary for BRANDS to follow Consumer Trends, sometimes things may also work the other way round!!!

Yes... it has really worked. Since long, BIG 92.7 FM (Delhi) has positioned itself as a radio channel for nostalgic music lovers. No doubt it has been favorite among middle aged target group.

On the other hand, the other radio channels were kept on playing new Bollywood numbers, to be the first choice of youth. And, there was nothing wrong in doing that, as the same was Consumer Trend also.

But what actually happened is, those prominent radio channels who were playing latest numbers, were actually having very less choice of songs for their listeners; hence they were playing few selected numbers repeatedly every hour. (I really dont know why they have not applied an empathy on this as a listener).

But BIG 92.7 FM.... because of its positioning and taste of its own TG created a huge list of songs for its listeners. The icing on the cake was few shows like Yaadon ka Idiot Box with Nilesh Mishra, and the new one Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor, has really created magic among the target listeners. The left out young females were tapped by Big Memsab. I have my opinion that, now youth are really getting interested towards these shows of BIG 92.7 FM, and whenever this youth is tuned into this channel, they also feel nostalgic era songs more meaningful, and can relate themselves easily with the same.

Also, the channel has shown very responsible attitude towards not bugging up its listeners with unwanted series of advertisements. The channel has proved one saying again: 'Slow and Steady wins the Race'!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ad War (Part II): Samsung V/s Micromax

Indian market is not new to the term 'Ad War'. Not much time before, consumers used to wait for a TT match between Coke and Pepsi here. But, then both the companies somehow stopped being on a attacking mode towards each other and started building up their distinctive personalities of their products in the market.

But nowadays, it seems that a flashback is being telecast on the TV screen. And, this time its Micromax on Samsung. Micromax has really hit very hard on the price scheme of the Samsung smart phone category, specially with the term "EMI".

Although Micromax is true on few of the points (said aloud in TV and Radio commercials), but is it just the price 'EMI' factor which will effect the consumer's mind. Micromax has really took a very bold step by attacking so directly to a company like Samsung. And i am sure this will raise the temperature in the market in this season.